Magazine Discussions

Here is your chance to go beyond the popular stories from Hadassah Magazine. This program features Executive Editor Lisa Hostein in compelling conversations with the many fascinating personalities behind the news. Watch past discussions or email us for alerts for future live programs.

One Book, One Hadassah

This is your opportunity to be part of Hadassah’s national book club. Join us for live interviews with acclaimed authors, such as Jennifer Weiner and Anna Solomon, and discover new books you’ll love to read or recommend to your own book club.

Health & Wellness

You will discover smart, engaging ways to boost your personal health and keep your body and mind active and well-balanced. Eat well, get moving and feel great! Register for future sessions of Resilience and Relaxation with Rebecca.
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Women's Empowerment

We build community together through our support for issues important to women. Hear about the extraordinary ways women everywhere are empowering themselves and one another. Join our efforts to help heal our world.

Israel & Zionism

Hear from the people who make up Israel’s vibrant and diverse communities and learn how they find their place in Israeli society. Watch these informative and insightful programs while discovering new ways to explore, discuss and support Israel.

Download the new Zionist Film Series Discussion Guide.

Culture & History

Experience everything from music and art to vital moments in our history with programs that showcase the work and talents of Jewish women. We know these programs will inform and inspire you and also bring some joy into your home.

Medicine & Research

Important medical news that affects your health sometimes comes rapidly and is hard to understand. No need to worry, as Hadassah is on top of it. Hear from our renowned doctors and researchers at Hadassah’s hospitals and other US doctors recommended by the Hadassah Physician’s Council. Stay informed on the latest news to better understand how you can maintain a healthier life.


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